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Peak Performance For Everyone – Children, Professionals and Senior Citizens

Brain Thrust for Children

If your child is showing signs like :

  • Lack of concentration
  • Lack of logic and reasoning skills
  • Poor attention and retention
  • Delayed response

it could signify underdeveloped or poor cognitive skills in your child.

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Here are some ways our programs and solutions can benefit professionals:

  • Improve retention and comprehension of information
  • Enhance social and networking capabilities
  • Maximize creativity and strategic thinking
  • Create a positive working environment
  • Learn time and task management techniques

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Brain Thrust provides in-depth, entertaining and practical solutions to keep senior citizens active and protected against issues like:

  • Dementia
  • Loss of speech, sight or other cognitive abilities
  • Memory Loss
  • Lack of ability to perform everyday tasks

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Brain Thrust

How We Help
Brain Thrust uses advanced brainwave technology that combines 15 engaging and fun mind exercises to improve cognitive skills in children.

By integrating gamification technology with learning, Brain Thrust gives children a fun and engaging way to improve their mental and cognitive ability.

NeeuroFIT can be integrated easily with physical brain training exercises for children and also through cognitive board games that helps them learn hands-on in a fun way as if they are playing a game.

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We understand the Challenges
Be it a child, a professional or a senior citizen, we understand your problems and issues like a trusted friend and advisor.
Our brain training and cognitive development experts listen to your concerns and understand the problem to the core.

We are aware of the facts
We are driven by thought leaders and counsellors with years of experience and knowledge in cognitive development.
No matter the issue is, we think through the problem carefully and suggest a customized set of solutions to alleviate your problems.

We have a solution
Our brain training programs improve the cognitive ability in children, working professionals and senior citizens.
We put extensive care in ensuring you get the right answers to your questions. Our experts can be trusted and relied upon for all your issues.

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Brain Thrust aims to empower every child to live a better, brighter and healthier life.

By combining years of experience, knowledge and research together, we are offering modern and fun learning solutions for every individual development and brain training.
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